P-Magic works on most surfaces, including marble, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, wood, stone, ceramic and porcelain tile, carpets, sofas, car seats etc.
It does NOT work on long stemmed and / or looped carpets and rugs.

It should not damage any surfaces, but before use on sensitive areas like hardwood floors, please test it in a discreet / hidden spot before use.

For carpets, rugs and textiles - always remember that it is not a stain remover, just the first line of defence. Before use, try in a hidden area for colour-fastness.
After use, please make sure that your surface or furniture is completely free of P-Magic particles. Afterwards, use the regular cleaning protocol for textile surfaces to remove the stains if needed.

TO BE USED ON SURFACE ONLY. Not to be used on pets or humans. Do not use on grass.
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