Need some troubleshooting? Let's go through it step-by-step!

First, let's see that you are using the right type of pan and broom!

See examples of what works best...

Sprinkle P-Magic powder to pee / vomit / diarrhea and wait for 60 sec for it to convert to a gel.
If the get is not forming or is still runny, just sprinkle more P-Magic!

To collect the gel start by using the edge of the pan to scrape the gel off the floor, while using a broom/brush to sweep the remaining gel onto the pan with light strokes.
Don't press hard while sweeping, as it will squish the gel granules into a sticky paste. If that happens - don’t stress, simply add a little water on the sticky gel, scrub lightly, sprinkle more P-Magic, wait for 60 seconds and collect again.

Directions for pee, diarrhea, vomit & blood

Directions for solid poop

If the waste still sticks to the surface...

To see the correct technique, please watch our HOW IT WORKS video:

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