P-Magic is the perfect band-aid cleaning solution for most carpets & furniture.

Not Recommended for long or looped fiber carpets, plush/furry rugs. P-Magic is not a dry cleaner, not a stain remover.

Always test P-Magic on a discreet area of your carpet to check for color fastness. Only proceed to use, if you are fully satisfied with the test result.

Directions for use: To remove liquid & semi-solid waste, sprinkle P-Magic on the soiled spot immediately, so that the gel can absorb the liquid from the fabric. When the dry gel is formed, use edge of the pan to scrape up the gel and brush the remaining gel granules onto the pan. If there is some waste still sticking to the carpet, sprinkle more P-Magic & repeat. To finish cleaning, lightly sprinkle P-Magic again to absorb any residue. Wait for 60 seconds before finally brushing off the P-Magic granules. Please ensure that your carpet/surface is free of all P-Magic granules before using it for your child, pet or family.

Our customers often use a vacuum to finish cleaning up the remaining dry gel particles from the carpet. We strongly recommend you check with your vacuum manufacturer before use. P-Magic will not assume any liability for any damage caused to any appliance, carpet, person, pet or surroundings as a result of vacuuming or use of the product.

It is recommended to get your carpet professionally cleaned after using P-Magic.
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