1 gram absorbs 45 ml of fluid, so around 3-5 grams will be more than enough for even bigger clean-ups.

Sprinkle P-Magic powder on pee / diarrhea / vomit. Sprinkle like salt, do not cover it with powder.
If you sprinkle too much, it does not change the result, but you will just waste too much product.

After 60 seconds the gel should turn white in colour, that indicates it’s dry enough to sweep it up from your surface.

If, after 60 seconds, the gel is not formed, or the gel is dark or yellow in colour, it means that you haven’t sprinkled enough of the P-Magic powder.
Simply sprinkle some more and repeat. Also, if residue is left, pour on some water and sprinkle again.

Quantity of P-Magic needed per month for cleaning up pee, vomit or diarrhea will depend on what and how often you use it.
Please watch the expiry date on the package.
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